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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hong Kong

I'm currently in Hong Kong airport, using their free internet access.
3 hours flight to Hong Kong seems like forever. Wonder how I can make it for the next 12 hours to LA .. Noooooo..



Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ho Ho Ho~~!!

Merry~~ oops silap... Christmas pass d... hahahaha!! how ya guys doing?? blog still as dead as ever eh~~~ last post in April~~~ anyways.. just posting this to find out hows everyone is doing.. i'm having holidays now.. so super syok relaxing.... hohoho~~ hope to hear about you guys soon... Take care and God Bless ya all~~ ^.^

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Hi to all at home and elsewhere in the world!

To those working and those still studying.

To those that enjoy staying up late at night and to those who love waking up to the sun shining on your face.

To those who eat rice and soup separately, and to those who eat rice with soup poured over it.

To those who think going out for a run is the best thing in the world.

To those who would like the no-smoking rule in pubs enforced, and to those who smoke.

To everyone below 6 feet that I know.

To the unwell and in need of some tender loving care.

As well as to those whose love overflows into the lives of others.

To anyone who's ever owned pets.

To everyone of you in a relationship. Doesn't matter if that person's God or of God's giving.

Like love songs? This is for you.

To the tired.

To the strong-still-can-go-on-for-another-mile.

To those with ambitions and the guts to take their dreams in their own hands.

To others who are still waiting for the call.

To still others who aren't sure of their place in life.

To those who are wondering what this post is all about.

'This is what I would say to you, if I had one chance to speak to your heart;
You are loved, more than you could ever know.' Rebecca St. James


One man. Singular.

Against him arrayed


Impossible odds by any standards.

And, no, this is NOT about the movie 300.

For a moment he thought of crying out.


They demanded it.

They condemned themselves.

Its their fault.

Why won't they listen?

Then the chilling question came into his mind.

Even after all this, will they still...



'What kind of love is this that climbs the hill
That bears the cross
That takes the nails?'

'What kind of love is this that takes my place
That gives its life
And clears my name?' - Philip, Craig and Dean remix

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In a brave effort

To keep this place going, I'm going to put up some photos which I have of Sitiawan ppl. Not all of you la..there's just too many.

Blowing bubbles after ais kacang

I miss musicals back home. Though they're sometimes pretty stressful and hard work, they brought ppl together(mostly) in a weird way. For a few months, a group of youth had a purpose to work towards. Pity video cameras made their way into musical production fairly recently, otherwise more memories would have been captured.

Anyone has the soundtrack to this Max Lucado musical?

This was taken further back, when we said goodbye to Jin's batch, who were moving onto MYF. I still remember everyone bursting out in laughter when Nicholas pulled the sock out of the coffee tin.

Our first youthquake.

The most recent photo I have of most of the folks from a few years ago (actually 2000ish).

One day when we're all old and wheezy and depending on portable defibrillators and nebulised ventolin to keep us going, we'll look back and laugh at ourselves all those years ago. And in a quiet moment later, maybe wonder at how much we've been changed ever since.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Coming home brings back so many memories, it feels like my pass is catching on to me once again. Guess it happens each time I come home. Each year I come back to this lil place (not so anymore), I find it growing bigger, I find myself feeling a little more out of place, I realise how much life has changed. Yet, it's good to be home. Where everything is familiar, or so it seems. I can't help but wonder where is my place...


hi everyone. ok charles, finally I'm on..haha..sorry didn't post until now.hehe..anyways, will try to. oh n merry belated christmas everyone :)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ding Dong

Never noticed, but I AM the ONLY ONE who is WORKING in this group! I feel so out of place. Can I go back to studying? For all the things I complained about studying, I don't mind any bit to come back to college. Refusing to grow up. Doing it alone is even harder. So make sure you have your support and 'bitching' group to make sure you can survive the torments of this side of life. I'm still looking for mine. They are lost somewhere.

Have always been the odd one out, haven't I? Damn. What's going on with me? I HAVE NO INKLING. Anyone want to try telling/hinting to me why is that so?

*You got to forgive the not very nice words I used. They're the best way to describe those issues up there with my limited vocabulary. Heh.

Love lots,

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Someone's coming home...

And it's not slim shady.. :P